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Winner Announced

CONGRATULATIONS to Karin Behrens for winning the 2 night stay at ArendSig Villa!

Thank you very much for everyone that participated in the competition and we hope to host you at ArendSig Villa soon.

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Midweek Special

Avoid the 3 month waiting list for weekends and get our discounted midweek special at R600 p.p.p.n anytime from Sunday to Thursday.

Jacuzzi, sauna, outdoor showers, stunning bushveld setting! Only 2.5h from Johannesburg.

Email to book your dates.

T&C’s apply.


Mabula Ground Hornbill Project

Respectd for their snake killing abilities @ MGHP (1)Mabula Private Game Reserve has been home to this Project since its infancy in 1999 when the first experimental ground-hornbill releases were conducted. Since then this project has grown to become the national lead agency for the conservation of the Endangered South Ground-Hornbill – revered across its sub-Saharan range as the thunder or rain bird. The species faces many challenges in a changing landscape – they fall foul of poisoned bait left out for so called ‘pest species’; they are extremely territorial and so when they see their own reflection in a window or other reflective surface they immediately want to fight the ‘enemy’ and with what is probably the strongest striking ability of any bird many windows get shattered and irate landowners shoot or poison them; they are losing suitable nest trees as large trees are being removed for timber, knocked down by elephants or damaged by increasingly violent storms and they are caught for use in both the traditional medicine trade and for zoos around the world – usually in an unsustainable fashion. All of thesearendsigHornbill threats, together with their slow breeding habits means we are losing them faster than they can replace themselves and it has been said they are the fastest declining bird species in South Africa, now listed as Endangered for both South Africa and Namibia.
The Mabula Ground Hornbill Project is working hard to mitigate as many of the threats as possible to the remaining wild population and also start rebuilding populations in areas where the birds have become locally extinct – such as at Mabula. The Project works with commercial farmers across three provinces, engaging with traditional authorities to ensure that we are able to assist maintain cultural protection and are involved in development of trade, conservation status and population monitoring plans at a national and global level.


Spoil yourself!

Villa has partnered with Mobile Spa to offer our clients massage treatments at the villa. Now you can enjoy a relaxing massage while looking over the beautiful Waterberg Mountains.