DeWildt Shingwedzi Cheetah & Wildlife Ranch


The DeWildt Shingwedzi Cheetah & Wildlife Ranch aims to ensure our children will always have the opportunity to see Cheetah and Wild Dog. DeWildt Shingwedzi is a tribute to the woman who has devoted her life to the survival of the cheetah species since 1971. Ann has developed an extensive community outreach and educational program as well as a strategic breeding plan to build up the number of cheetah left in the world with a view to getting them off the “Endangered Animals” list Shingwedzi, guarded by the majestic Waterberg Mountains, was started in 1998 . The Cheetah flourish in this un-commercialized area where peace and tranquillity reign.

Game is plentiful (eland, hartebeest, blesbok, giraffe, hippo, crocodile, warthog, ostrich, zebra, impala, waterbuck, kudu and many more). Combine the Ranch’s rich variety of wildlife and bird species, clear night skies (especially in the winter months), minimal signs of human development, and you have nature at its best.

Our conservation aims are:

 * To continue to play a role in conservation and the preservation of the cheetah and wild dog.

 * To support scientific investigations & research into all aspects of these endangered species.

 * To promote conservation through Education and to raise public awareness  (particularly amongst the younger    generation), of the pressing need for     wildlife preservation.

 * To maintain a genetic pool by means of a scientifically based breeding program.

 * To work on the long term survival and solutions for cheetah and wild dog.

 * To afford visitors the opportunity to view these endangered species.

Today DeWildt Shingwedzi can be proud of the work being done to ensure the survival of acinonyx jubatus – the cheetah, successfully breeding these magnificent animals, including the famous King Cheetah in captivity. DeWildt Shingwedzi does not receive any government funding, and income generated from tours and the adoption program is used to subsidize our conservation projects.