One thing the city life has taught us, is to appreciate the moments when we can escape the hustle and bustle of the daily city traffic and news headlines. More importantly, the appreciation of nature and our part in this big and beautiful world that we call home. 5 Simple reasons why safari and nature is  good for you may seem strange at first, but this experience has much more to offer us then what it may seem….

1.Take some time to recover from your busy schedule and focus on what really matters, connecting to nature.

There are few things more beautiful and moving then connecting with mother nature and the amazing animals that you will come across during a typical South African Safari. We often forget how we are all connected, just as humans have to go to work to bring home money to provide for their families, just so the animal kingdom has it’s duties to feed, shelter and provide security to their young. We can learn greatly from the animals, their strengths and often their courage.

2. Spending time with your loved ones in nature is key to living a happy life.

When retreating to the bushveld, the cellphones are usually switched off or left inside the lodge or your new travel bag. Often there will be so much to see and do, that the TV is mostly switched off and the kids are running outside excitedly to see the wild animals on their next safari. Safaris are truly an amazing way for the family to spend time together and get to know each other a little bit better. Looking at nature and seeing it in its prime has a way of slowing things down, rooting us and providing the opportunity to connect to each other on a deeper level.

3. Relax and unwind, it’s okay.

Stress  is a normal functional of daily life, and often we find it hard to let go of our stress. Ever heard of the saying; “finding something to stress about if you don’t have something to stress about”?. Well I can image it must be very hard to feel this way out in the bushveld, watching Lions hunt their prey, Zebras roaming free and the beautiful Giraffe searching for the softest leaves on the highest branch. Fresh wind blowing in the air and passionate Game Ranges teaching you about the animals and the plants, what an amazing experience just to relax and unwind.

4. Admire and inspire.

Safaris are truly educational when you have a keen interest in wildlife and make an effort to ask questions. Game Rangers have vast expertise in this area and are often more then willing to teach and provide information. Learning something new about the animals and plant life can inspire to become part of something meaningful and teach others the valuable information you have learnt on your safaris

5. Appreciate the beauty of the Wild African Kingdom. 

South Africa is truly a beautiful and special place, the landscapes that inspire us, the animals that humble us and the sunsets that make us grateful for every new day. Remember to appreciate this gift we have, take care of it and return to it whenever you need to regroup again.


We hope that these 5 simple reasons why safaris and nature is good for you, inspires you to take a break and run for the bushveld! 


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