Embark on a Memorable Escape at Arendsig Villa

Explore the nearby wonders, from natural marvels to cultural gems. Discover unforgettable experiences that will mesmerize you. Get ready to be enchanted by the charm and beauty of our neighboring attractions.


Embark on an Extraordinary Adventure at Arendsig Villa in Mabula Game Reserve. Are you yearning for a truly remarkable escape? Look no further than Arendsig Villa, a secluded retreat nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Mabula Game Reserve. Our villa offers the ultimate destination for those seeking an extraordinary experience. Whether you’re an adventurer in search of thrilling encounters, a couple longing for a romantic retreat, or a family eager to create unforgettable memories, Arendsig Villa provides the perfect haven.

Feel the surge of adrenaline as you venture through the untamed wilderness, immersing yourself in the raw and captivating beauty of the surroundings. Embark on captivating game drives and witness the rich diversity of wildlife, from graceful antelopes to majestic elephants. At Zebula Elephant Safaris, brace yourself for the thrill of a Cheetah Run and marvel at the incredible speed of these magnificent cats in action.

Families with children will delight in the enchanting attractions located nearby. Dive into a world of fun-filled water activities and relaxation at Forever Resort – Warmbaths (Bela Bela), where the whole family can enjoy a range of aquatic adventures, creating cherished moments together.

For a unique and educational experience, visit Thaba Kwena, the largest crocodile farm in South Africa open to the public. Engage in informative guided tours and witness mesmerizing feeding sessions that will leave you in awe of these ancient creatures.

At Arendsig Villa, we understand the importance of creating romantic moments for couples in love. Indulge in a horse safari through the stunning landscapes, immersing yourselves in nature’s embrace and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

For the discerning traveler passionate about conservation, a visit to De Wildt Shingwedzi is a must. Witness the remarkable efforts to preserve endangered cheetahs and wild dogs. Get up close to these magnificent creatures, observe their feeding sessions, and be inspired by the pioneers who have made a significant impact on wildlife conservation.

After thrilling adventures and awe-inspiring encounters, unwind and rejuvenate at the nearby spa facilities. Pamper your senses with a wide range of beauty and health therapies, including signature treatments designed to revitalize your mind and body. Take advantage of the snack bar, indoor heated swimming pool, heated relaxation tub, fully equipped gym, and the outdoor relaxation area in the garden. Let go of all your worries and immerse yourself in the serene oasis that Zebula has to offer.

All of these incredible attractions are conveniently located near Arendsig Villa, ensuring that your journey to discovery and adventure is just a stone’s throw away. For more information or to make bookings, please contact the respective attractions directly. Experience the wonders of Mabula Game Reserve and create cherished memories at Arendsig Villa. Book your stay today and embark on an extraordinary adventure in the heart of the African Wilderness.



Elephant Safaris and Cheetah Run
014 734 7707 

Forever Resort – Warmbaths
Situated in an African Bushveld atmosphere and will provide you with a unique and unforgettable Experience.
014 736 8500

Thaba Kwena
The largest crocodile farm in SA open to the public. Informative guided tours daily (9am – 4pm)
Don’t miss feeding time!
Tourism: 073 466 7113 

De Wildt Shingwedzi
Thanks to the dedicated pioneer research initiated by Ann van Dyk, the Cheetah is today no longer on the endangered list. Observe these world renowned De Wildt Cheetahs and Wild Dogs at close quarters or witness the feeding of these magnificent captive born carnivores.
Reservations: 063 693 7403

Sondela Nature Reserve
Sondela Wildlife centre has a range of animals
including the famous White lions.
Paintball, Game Walks and Elephant Safaris.
014 736 8800


Zebula Country Club
18 hole Course next to Mabula
014 734 7708

Elements Private Golf Reserve
18 hole and 9 hole
010 591 2951

Legend Golf Resort
18 hole signature Golf Course in the Waterberge. Extreme 19th Hole – played from a
vertical height of 430m!
012 443 6700

Royal Northland Golf and Country Estate
9 hole club in Bela Bela
014 736 2878


Zebula - Zebu Spa
014 734 7707 

Forever Resort – Warmbaths
014 736 8500

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Discover Arendsig Villa in Mabula’s Wilderness!



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