INTRODUCTION The joy of these, particularly, is that they are wonderful eaten cold as well, their pink juiciness trapped within their eggy parmesan coating. If you don’t have any stale bread to hand for making the breadcrumbs, then just split open some pitta breads, leave them a short while – even half an hour will do – to dry out and then tear them up and blitz them in a

INTRODUCTION The sauce borrows from the idea of tsatsiki and all those Middle-Eastern yogurt salads – it is a cool, pungent accompaniment to the tender, but not strongly flavoured, chicken. INGREDIENTS Serves: 4-6 METRICCUPS 6 skinless chicken breasts juice of 2 lemons 75 millilitres olive oil 500 grams greek yoghurt 6 thin spring onions (or 4 fat ones) 1 fresh green chilli 2 cloves garlic ½ cucumber (peeled and cut

When? Thursday, December 8th 2016 11:00am Where? Warmbaths, A Forever Resort 1 Chris Hani Drive 0480 Warmbad More on Lekker Events

Discover why hyena poop is white, why elephants suck their trunks, how many men black mamba venom can kill, whether lions can swim and hippos jump. Here are some funny, amazing and true facts about wild animals you can see on safari in Africa. Giraffe Have Blue Tongues Giraffes are rather bizarre looking animals anyway, let alone the fact that their tongues are dark blue and average around 20 inches in

The kykNET Buite Ekspo will be held in Bela Bela from the 30th September till the 2nd of October 2016. This event will be presented for the 5th time and is the largest outdoor expo of it’s kind in SA. An outdoor expo in the true sense of the word set in the Bushveld for the whole family to partake in. More than 120 outdoor and related exhibitors displaying the

Enter the competition for free on Facebook and Instagram. Here’s how: Follow ArendSig Villa on Facebook and Instagram Sunscribe to our newsletter Share you photo entry to our Facebook and Instagram account and include this in your caption: My entry to @arendsigvilla and @geyconleisurearendsig #arendsigvilla #arendsigphotocontest You may enter no more than one photo per day. Entry deadline 30 November 2016. National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest 2016.

One thing the city life has taught us, is to appreciate the moments when we can escape the hustle and bustle of the daily city traffic and news headlines. More importantly, the appreciation of nature and our part in this big and beautiful world that we call home. 5 Simple reasons why safari and nature is  good for you may seem strange at first, but this experience has much more to

Arendsig Villa has partnered with Mobile Spa to offer our clients massage treatments at the villa. Now you can enjoy a relaxing massage while looking over the beautiful Waterberg Mountains.

Porter oxtail potjie with braaied spuds by Beer Country Ah winter, how we love you. You give us a reason to make potjie every day and today we’ve gone with a classic. Oxtail has long been revered as the king of the potjie because it’s meaty, fatty and ridiculously delicious. This hearty potjie is one of our favourites, and not just because it’s made with beer. It’s rich, robust and it’ll

Waterberg Zipline tour will take you on an unforgettable and adrenalin packed journey that offers the most beautiful nature scenes imaginable!! Experience divine nature like never before! An abundance of plantlife, indigenous trees, 250 exquisite bird species and wide selection of flowers and wild animals. The tour takes you on an exciting, 2 and a half hour adventure as you slide from one platform to the next, through the most