According to the Mabula Regulations we are only allowed to accommodate a maximum of 8 (eight) guests.

Check-in time will be after 14:00
Check-out time must be 10:00 or earlier

Smoking at the villa is allowed – please extinguish your butt in an ashtray. Never ever ever throw them into the bush!

DO NOT walk or drive into Mabula, this is a reserve with other lodges and dangerous animals – and both will kill either you or me!

Sound Levels are to be kept at a minimum. There are other private lodges in the NakaSanga area of Mabula and unless you are mimicking animal sounds you will become a nuisance.

Rubbish is to be placed in the bins – please do not break glass in the pool, Jacuzzi or on the deck. I am sure it is an environmental offence to throw glass into the bush – so refrain from doing so too.

Do not shoot or ride animals, fish at watering holes, climb rocks or walk around with out the guide. Mabula is a GAME reserve not a theme park and things will unquestionably eat you! (and don’t feed anything – especially not the Dassies or the Hornbills)

Please report any breakages or damages so we can fix it speedily.


The villa is situated on high differing deck levels and is not safe for young children. All children need to be supervised at all times.

The pool and Jacuzzi are both on floor level and does not have any fencing or child barriers.

Due to the remote location of the villa, the electrical supply is interrupted at most once per day and is only off for 1 – 4 hours.

Game drives must be organized with the game ranger on arrival and availability of specific times is not guaranteed as our sister villa may have organized specific times already with the ranger before your arrival. The game ranger will make sure that ArendSig’s guests go on daily game drives.

Water is pumped from an underground aquifer and is also dependent on the system, which is regularly damaged by large animals. These problems are always tended to speedily and may cause frustration temporarily. ArendSig does have a back-up water supply, so a water problem will be rare.

The internet and Dstv signals do get interrupted – but this is not in ArendSig’s control.

The cleaning lady is very friendly, but understands little English and patience must be exercised when giving her instructions. Please notify the ranger if you have any specific requests or complaints regarding the cleaning service.