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  1. Occupancy: In accordance with Mabula Regulations, we can accommodate a maximum of 8 (eight) guests at Arendsig Villa.
  2. Check-in and Check-out: Check-in time begins after 14:00, while check-out time is scheduled for 10:00 or earlier.
  3.  Smoking Policy: Smoking is permitted at the villa. To ensure safety, kindly extinguish cigarette butts in designated ashtrays. Never discard them in the surrounding bush.
  4. Respect the Reserve: For your safety and the preservation of the natural environment, please refrain from walking or driving into Mabula. This reserve is shared by other lodges and houses dangerous animals, which can pose a threat to both visitors and residents.
  5. Considerate Noise Levels: To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, please keep noise levels to a minimum. Other private lodges in the NakaSanga area of Mabula appreciate your cooperation, unless you’re mimicking animal sounds, which we encourage!
  6. Responsible Waste Disposal: Dispose of rubbish in the designated bins. Kindly refrain from breaking glass in the pool, Jacuzzi, or on the deck. It is an environmental offense to throw glass into the bush, so let’s preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings.
  7. Respect Wildlife and Surroundings: Hunting or riding animals, fishing at watering holes, climbing rocks, or wandering without a guide is strictly prohibited. Mabula is a game reserve, not a theme park. Please avoid feeding any animals, particularly Dassies or Hornbills.
  8. Report Damages: If you come across any breakages or damages during your stay, please inform us promptly. We will take immediate action to rectify the situation and ensure your continued comfort.

By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure a pleasant and memorable experience for everyone at Arendsig Villa.


  1. Child Safety: Please be aware that the villa features high differing deck levels, which may pose a safety risk for young children. Ensure that children are supervised at all times during your stay.
  2. Pool and Jacuzzi Safety: The pool and Jacuzzi are located on floor level and do not have fencing or child barriers. Please exercise caution, especially when young children are present.
  3. Temporary Electrical Interruptions: Due to the remote location of the villa, the electrical supply may experience intermittent interruptions. Typically, these interruptions occur once per day and last for approximately 1 to 4 hours. We appreciate your understanding during these periods.
  4. Game Drive Arrangements: To enjoy game drives, it is necessary to organize them with the game ranger upon arrival. Please note that specific times for game drives cannot be guaranteed, as our sister villa may have already scheduled them with the ranger prior to your arrival. The game ranger will ensure that guests of ArendSig Villa have the opportunity to go on daily game drives.
  5. Water Supply: The water at the villa is pumped from an underground aquifer, which can occasionally be disrupted by large animals. Although we promptly address any water system issues, temporary frustration may arise. Rest assured, ArendSig has a backup water supply in place to minimize any inconvenience. Water problems are rare occurrences.
  6. WIFI and Dstv Signal: Please be aware that interruptions may occur with the internet and Dstv signals. Unfortunately, these interruptions are beyond our control but are generally resolved swiftly.
  7. Cleaning Service: Our friendly cleaning staff may have limited English proficiency. We kindly ask for your patience when providing instructions. If you have any specific requests or concerns regarding the cleaning service, please notify the ranger who can assist you accordingly.




Embark on a Journey to Our Beautiful Villa: Navigate Your Way to Arendsig’s Tranquil Oasis


  • Follow the N1 north to Polokwane, passing through 2 tollgates.
  • After the Weigh Station (100km/h zone) take the SECOND off-ramp: WARMBATHS R516
  • Turn left at off-ramp towards Warmbaths (Bela-Bela)
  • When entering Warmbaths turn RIGHT at the first traffic light (Opposite thatch restaurants) into Marx street which will lead into town.
  • At the next traffic light (Engen and Total Garages on corners) turn LEFT, the road will turn sharp right at the Taxi Rank (Ritchie Way)
  • Cross the STOP sign and turn LEFT at the next stop intersection (There is a slip way to the left)
  • You will now pass the entrance gate to the Warmbaths Forever Resort (Aventura)(Chris Hani Way)
  •  Following Chris Hani Way you will reach a large traffic circle intersection and you should take the first road LEFT (Rooiberg Way)
  •  A provincial sign will pass you displaying distances to the game reserves – It will show MABULA 32km.
  • Continue carefully on this road for +-30km (R516)
  • You will eventually pass Mabalingwe RCI Resort entrance and then also the Mabula Petrol Station/Liquor Store.
  • After the Petrol station you will approach the ROOIBERG TURN-OFF and there will also be 2 faded billboards advertising Mabula and Zebula.
  • Turn RIGHT on this road.
  • Continuing on this road you will approach a small security check point (only operational at night)
  • Continue through until you reach a clear STOP-intersection; Continue STRAIGHT over the stop onto a gravel road to Rooiberg. (Do not turn right to Mabula Lodge/Zebula)
  • Continue on this gravel road for 7.7km. On the RIGHT side of the road the MOKAIKAI Gate will be clearly visible – it is also the only visitor entrance gate on this road to Mabula Private Game Reserve.
  • At the gate you can give your names and destination (Arendsig or Nakasanga) Guard will open the gate
  • When entering the reserve turn RIGHT following the sign to NAKASANGA (this is the area in which the villa is situated)
  • After 5km there will be a fork in the road, turn LEFT following the sign to NAKASANGA.
  • Drive for 2km up a hill. (you will reach electricity poles which to follow up the hill) You will encounter a few sharp right turns. Continue to follow the road
  • At the top of the hill follow the sign RIGHT to NAKASANGA, then follow the signs to number 3.
  • When you see a small bright red wall with the number 3 next to the path you will know you have arrived.

Park your vehicle under the green netted spaces to protect it from the animals!
Frankie will be there to assist
Enjoy Your Stay!


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